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mmi is a service corporation that develops software for medical professionals. The development process involves auditing existing workflow, proposing improvements, implementing accepted proposals, and supporting the new system.

Neonates who face difficulties and sickness in rural areas are often transported to regional neonatal specialists. The referring physician must relay demographics, medical histories, vital signs, and test results for the neonatologist to arrange a proper transport.  During transport, the nursing staff documents vital signs and treatments.  MMI developed software for referring physicians to electronically submit transport requests, to assist neonatologists in determining whether ambulance, helicopter, or fixed-wing aircraft is recommended based upon each patient's situation, and to record electronic nursing flowsheets through monitor interfaces.
A client performs revolutionary Deep Brain Stimulation surgeries on Parkinson's patients. The group needed a high-powered, user-friendly database to collect large research sets. MMI designed and implemented scalable software that allows new tests to be easily integrated into the database. The system collects and analyzes massive amounts of data without highly trained data entry staff.

The foregoing are just a few examples of solutions MMI has provided. MMI's clients include physicians, hospitals, researchers, and manufacturers. MMI tailors solutions that address each client's needs and requirements.

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