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MMI is dedicated to serving each client's specific needs through a well-defined process:

The Audit - MMI learns about a client's goals, workflow, and requirements through meetings, site visits, and observations.

Problem Identification
- Audit results are summarized and presented to a client for feedback.

- MMI uses client feedback to design realistic solutions that specifically meet a client's needs.

- The accepted solution is written by skilled programmers who have been involved in the entire process. This eliminates the disparity between client expectations and the end product.

- After development and testing, the software is delivered, installed, and documented.

- MMI provides on-site troubleshooting, training, and support. Support may include future modifications to the software as client requirements change.

Each member of the MMI team is involved in every step of the process. This sets MMI apart from other medical software firms. At MMI, everyone is dedicated to understanding each client, each project, and each solution.

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